The Cortes Connection CURRENTLY runs Wednesday and Friday.

Starred Stops (*) must be reserved at least 1 hour before departure.
The Connection also picks up and drops off along the route, with advance notice or by being flagged down.

Leave Manson's Hall : 8:50 am
*Arrive at Cortes Bay: 8:55 am
^Arrive at Tork Road: 9:05 am
Arrive at Gorge Y : 9:15 am
Arrive Robertson Road 9:25 am
Arrive at Ferry : 9:40 am
Lv: Whaletown Ferry 9:50 A.M.
Arr: Heriot Bay Terminal 10:35
Arr: Quathiaski Terminal 10:50
Arr: Campbell River (Tyee Plaza) 11:10 A.M
Arr: Campbell River Hospital 11:20

:: To Cortes Island:

Lv: Tyee Plaza (Shoppers Drug) 4:05 P.M.
Arr: C.River Ferry Terminal 4:05

Ferry Departs Campbell River 4:40 P.M.

Arr: Whaletown 5:45 PM
Arr: Gorge Harbour Marina 5:55
Arr: Robertson Rd. 5:57
Arr: Gorge Hill Intersection 6:00
Arr: Tork Rd 6:05
Arr: Squirrel Cove Dock 6:05
Arr: Seaford Rd. Intersection 6:15
Arr: Cortes Bay 6:20
Arr: Hague Rd. 6:25
Arr: Hollyhock 6:30
Arr: Mansons Landing Hall 7:00 PM

The Cortes Connection does not run on statutory holidays.

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